How To Potty Train Your Puppy

How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Puppy?

If you just acquired a new puppy, it needs to be trained on what time to potty and at what place. Training for a puppy takes time; it requires patience before a puppy is thoroughly acquainted with the full routine.
To potty train a puppy, it may take an average of 4-6 months.
The ideal time to begin training
To train a young puppy is better than an old one. Hence, you should train a puppy when it’s not more than 12 weeks of age.
Factors that determine the time it takes to potty train

  1. Age and size: Small puppies tend to adapt to the routine faster than old ones, which have already adjusted to different routines.
  2. Your consistency: If the trainer is consistent in training, the puppy can adapt faster to the training.
  3. The dog personality: puppies are different. They have different characters. One may take time to pick new routines and hence taking long to potty train.
  4. The dog prior experiences: The puppy might have had an emotional experience before, or it could have been in a different routine. This makes potty training for that puppy to be difficult, as it will take time for it to adapt to the new method.
    Steps to potty train a puppy
    Identify a potty zone: Making a puppy know its potty zone is important. It will always remember the smell of its urine and knows the spot.
    Establish a routine: A routine is essential if the dog is to adapt faster to the training.
    Have a sound command; A command to tell your puppy to go to a potty zone.
    Praise any success of the puppy: If a puppy success to potty in the right place, praise it to encourage it to do again next time.
    Resources to potty train a puppy
    Use puppy pads!
    Crate training (It’s the best form of training)
    To potty train, a puppy is an exercise that needs patience. The trainer should be consistent too in training.

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